Is Now The Right Time To Add Food Order Online Service in Malaysia

In this face-paced world, online food delivery service has become a necessity for people. A lot of restaurant owners view food order online service as their primary input for their business. This kind of service seems to be the way of future for the eatery business.

No matter the pizza delivery Malaysia or Singapore, it is not hard to find out that both of them also feature this service in their online business. The invention of online order pizza service has brought a lot of conveniences to the public and also increase their sales as well.

party food delivery kl

A lot of online food delivery platforms are expanding the variety of restaurants choice and menus in KL to allow their customers to make an order with a single tap of their mobile phone, or a single click of the keyboard.

So, if you are considering whether to feature in this type of delivery service in your restaurant, then now is the best time to do it! Why now is the best time for doing this? There are so many reasons that convince these restaurant owners to add in this service in their business.

Easy & simple

Today, a lot of people are busy with their job. People are starting to look for delivery service such as pizza home delivery service, milk tea delivery service, burger home delivery service, and so on. They will more prefer these services is because it is simple and save time.  Without step out from your home or office, just a few taps of mobile phone, then the food will deliver in front of your door, quite simple right? Order online now!

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Moreover, the variety of online menus also offer a lot of options to the user. These menus usually are the same as their physical shop menu, and some of the online menus even made special for their royalty customer. For example, to retain a royalty from the customer, the online pizza shop will give a special promotion of pepperoni pizza to the buyer, like buy two pieces of pizza will get one free. This is also one of the ways that commonly practised by online pizza shop to attract more customers.

Save time

As people always said, “Time is money”. In this money rich, time-poor generation, a lot of people not likely to spend their time on choosing the food. Fast food has become one of their favourite choices, and this is quite common in the western country.

A lot of restaurant owner also following the trend by enrolling their mobile apps that easy for the user to search for the restaurant near their living area. One of a good example is you can always see the feature of “pizza restaurant near me” in the online delivery platform.

People can search for the closest pizza restaurant near to their office or home by using the mobile app. The feature of delivery food near me has become a necessary feature in every online food apps.

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Save money

The high gasoline price has to cut the Malaysia consumer’s budget. Nowadays, many consumers prefer to use the online food delivery service with Dominos Pizza Malaysia. Although the service of takeaway pizza near me does not so appeal to most of the consumers, the home delivery is the most welcome service in the eyes of consumers. 

A lot of pizza lovers will be more likely to enjoy the best pizza in their home rather than having pizza at the restaurant. This trend also has become a business opportunity for the pizza restaurant for gaining a higher profit margin by offering home delivery service.

Why the Popularity of Italian Restaurants Has Been on the Rise

Italian restaurants are now the mainstay in the food scene of several countries and Malaysia is not an exemption. As a result, the demand for an Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur has been on the rise.

Even though we have several Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, and American cuisines, several people would still pay higher amounts to get an authentic Italian restaurant. Some will even travel several miles from their home just to get a romantic dinner from these restaurants. You could be wondering why these restaurants are so popular globally.

kuala lumpur bar

·         Quality

One reason why the Italian restaurant is famous is that they serve high-quality food in various flavours. You will get fine dining in Kuala Lumpur because the food comprises of the healthiest and freshest spices and other ingredients which when you combine them with excellent food-making procedures, they create meals with the most unique tastes.

If you want hand-rolled meatballs, the only place you can get them is from the sky-viewed themed restaurant. The other recipes include a unique Italian tiramisu for people who love desserts and a mouth-watering 10 to 16-layer lasagna.

·         Variety

Italian restaurants also offer a broad range of dishes that diners can choose from. You will get different sizes and types of pizzas. You will also get all types of pasta that you can imagine. The menu has so many meals and you will not fail to get what suits you best. You can even visit a cocktail bar near KLCC if that is what you love. We have some people who love the surprise of trying a dish that you have never tasted before and you can be sure that you will be satisfied.

event space kuala lumpur

·         Presentation

Italian restaurants also present meals in the most creative and imaginative way possible. These are the only restaurants that make 20-inch pizzas which are infused with different kinds of seafood, vegetables, meats, and spices that you can never think of combining.

It is hard for anyone to ignore or resist the pizza because of the way they are presented. It explains why Italian restaurants form the best place for candle light dinner in KL. Italian cooks and chefs make their meals with passion and this makes each bite special.

·         Large Servings

The other thing that Italian restaurants know well is large servings especially when it comes to the happy hour in KL. These restaurants serve food quality that is sufficient for at least two people. One single plate will cost you more than an ordinary meal and will truly satisfy your appetite.

A single meal is normally stuffed with huge amounts of bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes cheese, and choice cold cuts. The restaurants also provide some of the most carbohydrates rich and filling dishes globally. It makes these restaurants a great choice for KL nightlife.

·         Atmosphere

Lastly, Italian restaurants offer a positive but jolly atmosphere. You will experience this better when you choose a rooftop restaurant or bar in KL. Therefore, you can get away from your fast-paced lifestyle or even loosen up in an Italian restaurant.

It is classy, quiet, and full of great-tasting and good food. To add to this, the staff at Italian restaurants are passionate, professionals, nice, and love their work. The staff make sure that the place is pleasing and highly accommodating. Therefore, you will relax to the maximum during your stay in the restaurant. You can be sure of getting the best from the fine dining restaurant.

5 Reasons that Make Bangkok the Best Travel Destination Globally

As you already know, Bangkok is the political and commercial capital of Thailand. It is characterized by rapid economic growth and modernization. The city has been consistently counted among the best cities in the world for several years.

bangkok city hotel

There are so many things that make the destination a dream location for so many tourists apart from having the best luxury hotel in Bangkok. This article will cover some of these reasons that you need to know. You will discover that it will not be a waste of time to visit this city regardless of your budget. You will even find the best meeting room Bangkok especially if you are touring the area for official purposes.

·         Gateway

The city of Bangkok serves as a gateway to the entire region of Thailand. As a country, Thailand is full of historical artifices and cultural murals. It has a distinct and unique regional identity even though it is located in Asia.

It is located centrally hence making it serve as a hub that allows international tourists to travel all over the county through the airways, railway, and waterway. You can enjoy your time at a luxury serviced apartment Bangkok as you wait for your next destination.

hotels in bangkok thailand

·         Cultural Heritages

As a city, Bangkok offers a broad glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Thailand. Tourists can enjoy the splendid views of royal palaces even from a rooftop bar Bangkok. The city also has several museums that are well-stocked with historical artefacts.

The tour packages of Bangkok include the Buddhist temples like Wat Arun, Phra Kaew, and the Grand Palace among other places. You can also get a relation to Thai culture to Hinduism by the Era Wan shrine and Giant Swing.

Thailand could be the only nations that boast of having relations to the major Asian countries. Bangkok has historically served as a port that interlinks the Eastern and Western cultures. Its evidence abounds around the city itself. You should not fail to visit a Bangkok spa massage if you truly want a memorable moment from the city.

·         Vimanmek Palace

The city of Bangkok also has the biggest mansion globally which is the Vimanmek Palace. The place was built in 1900 with an objective of showcasing the Thai natural heritage. King Chulalongkorn, the cherished king of the Thais, has provisioned the construction of the great palace which houses the artefacts and gifts that he collected from all over the world.

The Bangkok holiday package gives tourists an opportunity to access this great place for a lifetime chance. You will also have the opportunity of enjoying private dinner in Bangkok during your tour.

·         Night Life

Bangkok is a city that has a very vibrant nightlife. Entertainment centres and night clubs that specially cater to international tourists are the main attractions in Bangkok. In addition to the entertainment clubs, you can get an exclusive shopping centre that delivers beautiful but cheap items to tourists.

You can also enjoy your night from a cool sky bar hotel Bangkok. The trip to Bangkok will never be complete without visiting the nightlife of Bangkok. You need to visit it to be able to experience it.

private dinner bangkok

·         Parks

Bangkok has the most beautiful parks all over the world. Lumphini Park is the most famous one and covers an area of 57.6 hectares. You can get a service apartment Bangkok close to this park if that is where you wish to lounge.

The parks in Bangkok provide a unique combination of water views with boat rides and greenly etc. the unique mixture of nature and water ensure that your senses get to an enjoyable level and you will be taking exciting memories home forever. You can get an event space in Bangkok just in case you are coming here for official purposes.

Pattaya: A Perfect Destination for Luxury Holidays

In Thailand, the second most visited city after Bangkok is Pattaya. Some time back, the city was renowned for its after-hour culture and decadent nightlife. In a real sense, there is so much that you can enjoy in Pattaya during your holiday including getting a chance to launch at the best beach hotel.

There is a combination of places such as go-go bars, discos, restaurants and the Pattaya beach resort among others. All these centres provide sensuous enjoyment, exotic local cuisine, and vibrant cuisine to visitors.

ที่พัก พัทยา ครอบครัว

It also has quiet beaches such as the Crescent moon beach and the Dongtan beach. There is an existence of an ultra-modern lifestyle that exists along with the exotic Thai culture. One key element of this traditional culture is the bbq seafood buffet Pattaya.

It means that there is something for everyone if you wish to spend your holiday in Pattaya. In Thailand, especially Pattaya, tourism continues to grow steadily. As a result, there are always new improvements to the city infrastructure. There are robust public transport and a few accommodation facilities that provide budget as well as a luxurious experience. The terminal 21 hotel has the capacity to meet the needs of each traveller.

·         The Best Time to Visit Pattaya

The typical climate of Pattaya is tropical meaning that it is mostly humid and warm. However, from November to February, you will comparatively find cool breezes that makes it quite pleasant to stay in the city. It is the best time of the year to visit through the city of Pattaya even though there is no shortage of tourists even during the summer season. It explains why the demand for the seafood buffet is always high in the region all year round.

ที่พัก พัทยา สำหรับ ครอบครัว

·         The Main Attractions in Pattaya

The main attractions in Pattaya are its beaches especially for those people who are sun lovers. It does not matter whether you want to soak in the sun by lying on the sands or enjoy the water sport adventures such as diving, snorkelling, parasailing or jet skiing. You will not fail to get an interesting thing to do in Pattaya. If you are a lover of foreign cuisines, the bbq seafood buffet Pattaya is awaiting you.

There is still so much that you can do once you are done with the sand, sea, and sun. If you get a reliable tourist guide, you will visit all these attractions as per your preferences and taste. For instance, there are restaurants and bars that serve exotic local cuisine and drinks. It is at this point that you will find the best seafood buffet. It is worthwhile to try out some of these points.

best hotel in pattaya for family

Pattaya also has an amazing nightlife alongside the markets and shopping malls. The walking street has late-night go-go clubs and international restaurants that make it ideal for party lovers. The famous floating market of Pattaya will get your hand on the local products like souvenirs. The region has a wooden building (sanctuary of truth) that houses symbols and artefacts for the four regions of Asia. You can spend some time in the best beach hotel to compliment your visit.

·         Travel Essentials

A reliable travel company will guide you through the things that you can do in Pattaya depending on your budget and preferences. Since it is a tropical climate, you need to take some heavy sunscreen and beach clothes if you will be spending so much time on the beach. These experts will also recommend an idea Pattaya beach resort depending on your needs.

·         Accommodation

There are so many luxury hotels in Pattaya that will meet your accommodation needs regardless of your budget and taste. Most of the Pattaya tour packages include these bookings. One favourite choice for most visitors is the terminal 21 hotel. However, you can go to services apartments and get a chance to prepare your own meals. Pattaya is a good travel destination because it has everything for everyone.

What to Include in the Happy Hour Promotion in KL?

One of the best ways to increase sales in your restaurant during the slow hours is by using the happy hour promotion. However, you need to understand that everyone is running these promotions. Therefore, you cannot do things in the same way and expect different results.

With such a high competition during the happy hours, it calls for a high level of creativity to win more customers. You still need to make profits even if you are offering discounted food, affordable drinks, and enjoy the cheapest beer in KL. Some of the ideas that you can implement include;

best cafe in kuala lumpur

Create Theme Nights

Diners love a good and catchy theme for the evening outing. It will motivate them to share the happy hour promotion experience on social media. It is one of the most effective ways to market the happy hour of your restaurant as well as a bonding session with drinks. You may host the “Tiki Tuesday with the tropical drinks or even a ‘Winesday’ special on the Wednesdays. It is a natural progression for a themed nights cafe every evening.

Host a Special Pop-Up Event

There is an increase in the number of pop-up weekends nowadays. During the happy hour KL, restaurants do creative things to create a special happy hour appetizer or menu. You can have a local chef making an authentic Italian delicacy for the guests. You can also have the people who do desserts in the restaurant to host a tasting or offer a demo. It is an idea that can work so well for an Italian restaurant in KL.

Host a Competition or Contest

There is a way you can combine a happy hour with some friendly competitions. A nice café in KL can host darts contests or a trivia event during the happy hour. When you add an activity to the whole mix, you will engage people for a long period and this will encourage them to place more orders and increase your sales. It will enhance the customer experience and diners will associate your restaurant with creativity and fun.

Make it an Outing

best cafe in kl

You may find an Italian restaurant near KLCC offering a one-hour yoga class before they open up the happy hour. The restaurant will begin to offer cheap food immediately after the session. When you pair an activity with the happy hour, there is a lot of inspiration that diners draw from it. Enjoying the happy hour after engaging in an activity is a great way to start off the session.

Offer Mystery Incentives

For the best happy hour Kuala Lumpur, the restaurant can choose a name like ‘Melissa’ or Charlie. If this is your name, you will get a free drink. You will wait until the set hour to know who is the happy one and a machine can even be used to choose the lucky name of the day. Such a mystery will really add the element of fun and adventure to a happy hour.

best cafe in kuala lumpur

Have a Guest Bartender

Having a guest bartender is our last tip for having the best buy Malaysia happy hour. It is a simple but effective way to promote your restaurant. You can get celebrity bartenders to host bar or assist your staff during the happy hour promotion.

It can even be a single night affair at your establishment. It is a fun way to mix up things and even engage with the local community. It also adds a high level of innovation to the happy hours that will bring in so many people.

Tips For People First Time Booking A Bangkok Hotel

In this globalization world, a lot of people are more flight-savvy than before. Thanks to the highly competitive within the airline industry today, a lot of people are able to get a cheaper flight fare to travel to dreamland.

Because of more and more people able to afford a comfortable and convenient journey at a more affordable price, the demand towards the hotel also is increasing. But choosing the right hotel for a trip has never been easy.

There are many things you have to consider before you book a Bangkok hotel. The things you should need to consider could be the price, location, accessibility or the environment of the hotel.

bangkok hotels

Some people think they booked a perfect hotel for their trip, but eventually, it was not, and it becomes a terrible dream for their whole trip experience. So, to avoid that, here are something you should do before that happen to you.

Location of hotel

In the past, one of the thing you might hear many times maybe the complaint from people about the problem of less accessibility of the hotel they stay in. A bad located hotel where it almost needs you to travel a very far distance until you reach the famous attraction of Bangkok could be very mean to you.

Stay in a hotel that far from the centre of the city will cause you a lot of hard feeling about your trip. In the end, you maybe end up spending too much time on travel from one place to another place and then waste the chance to get to the place you had planned.

bangkok hotel near bts station

So, to avoid these things happen to you, you can try to check the location of the hotel before you book it. Do some research about what is surrounding the hotel. Is there any public transport is nearby the hotel you are looking?

One of the most recommended ways is you can try to book hotels near BTS Bangkok. In Bangkok, there are a lot of famous attractions are accessible by taking the Skytrain in Bangkok. So, finding hotels near Skytrain Bangkok is the ideal way to solve your problem.

Hotel Type

To identify the hotel type you stay in could be a very important factor you should consider, especially when you travel to Thailand. If you are travelling together with your family, then this surely will be something you have to consider.

Contrary to many other Asian countries, Thailand is a country popular with gay culture. The gay scene of this country usually can be seen in some of its well-known destination, such as Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. It is not weird that you will find the gay-friendly hotel is available at every single corner in Bangkok. So, if your kids and your wife will accompany you for this trip, then you have to check the hotel you booked in ahead of time before you make the booking.

hotels near skytrain bangkok

Size of the hotel room

Another thing that you will always hear probably is the complaint about the size of the hotel room. The size of the hotel room has a very significant impact on your travel experience. When you are staying in a hotel, the place supposed should be comfortable, especially when you are staying together with your family.

The comfortability of a place where you will stay during your whole trip should be the priority as well. No matter is a new luxury boutique hotel or just a 4-star hotel; it should be comfortable for staying in, if it is not comfortable, then it should not be considered as a hotel.

Facility & amenity

It could be a huge problem if you find out that some facilities and services that do not exist in the hotel you stay in.  Some of the times, the shortcoming will not mention on the hotel booking sites, you need to do further research!

For example, you may find out that some hotels do not have their own build-in restaurant, or they do not provide the breakfast buffet, you probably need to travel outside and getting your breakfast in any breakfast buffet restaurant.

Benefits You Should Know Staying In 5 Star Hotel In Pattaya

Aside from Phuket and Phi Phi Island, Pattaya has made its name as one of the most well-known beach resorts in Thailand. Pattaya is acclaimed for its shining sandy seashores, energizing nightlife, rich Asian nourishment and good hospitality for tourists.

If you are craving for an enjoyable holiday with a unique and luxurious experience in one place, then Pattaya sure is the one for you. There are many 5-star hotel options that could be found in Pattaya, all of which come at an incredible incentive for such a conspicuous hotel destination. No matter you are here for business or delight, visiting alone or with your family, there is a lot of 5-star hotel in Pattaya that you will enjoy when staying in.

Before you make the decision, there are a few benefits you should know while you staying in a 5-star hotel in Pattaya and some of that might be important for you and your travel partner.

best hotel in pattaya

Various facilities

A lot of 5-star hotels usually featured with a variety of facilities within its premise. This same goes to a 5-star hotel in Pattaya. When you are staying in the 5-star hotel, it’s not surprising to find that these premium 5-star hotels usually own a swimming pool, spa room, gym room, the bar even restaurants under a roof.

These 5 stars hotels definitely the best family hotel option in some eyes of parents. They vary in facilities brings a lot convenience for parents, especially when then children want to go swimming at the beach, but consider the safety issue, then by swimming in the hotel swimming pool may help parents to pacify their children.

5 star hotel in pattaya

Uniqueness in services

Some of the premium hotels in Pattaya have offered special service to its customers. A lot of family-friendly resort in Pattaya will offer the children amenities and services to the customer, and this is also one of the reasons that some of the premium hotels in Pattaya viewed as the best family hotel choice for tourists.

Some 5-star hotel in Pattaya even giving a mobile phone to its customer for easier administration. For instance, some of the time a guest maybe needs to pick up from a certain place, then by giving the mobile phone to the customer is to let them easier to get the buggy with just click the quick dial on the phone.

There is no surprise to find that pick up and drop off service also offered by InterContinental Pattaya Hotel. This type of service usually will be offered by the hotel or resort that located more away from the central city, but in Pattaya, most of the 5-star hotels will offer this service to its customers no matter which places is located.

family hotel pattaya

Various in promotion

Pattaya is a hotspot travel destination, so in order to capture every tourist make their arrival in Pattaya, a lot of hotels and resorts will offer many unique and special promotions to the tourist.

One of the most general promotion can be seen around here is the wedding packages in Pattaya. Wedding packages in Pattaya come with a lot of patterns, some of the hotels and resorts will provide a whole wedding package promotion with bundle pricing by taking two packages will be cheaper in purchasing than only one.

The cost of the beach wedding Pattaya package also could be vastly different, it depends on the wedding cuisine and decoration you pick. The theme of the beach wedding Pattaya package generally will be included in the offer.

The other common promotion can always be found around here is the bbq seafood buffet Pattaya promotion. The cuisine options that included in the bbq seafood buffet Pattaya promotion usually is the mixture of local foods and beverage.

The Best 5 Start Hotel in Kula Lumpur For Weekend Getaway

The luxury hotel is for those customers who would like to have the best in the world for them. Before you jump to the world most magnificent hotel such as Dubai hotel, let’s have a look at hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Many best hotels in Malaysia are located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital city of Malaysia. Some luxurious hotel now is owned by famous shopping establishment, these hotels are usually built near the shopping mall to provide a wholesome experience to its guest.

For instance, there is a 13-floor hotel which is located near the Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. The shopping mall is position at the high end, and the vast mall is filled with an array of choices. For instances, shopping, dining and wedding hotel packages price.

event space kuala lumpur

The Beauty of Kuala Lumpur

Guest who stays at these hotels gets to enjoy a shopping spree and hotel buffet in KL whenever they want as the hotel is only minutes of walking distance away from their stay.

The additional advantage of staying in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is that you can visit many tourist attractions with ease and enjoying wedding hotel packages Kuala Lumpur. For instance, the iconic Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower is just 10 minutes walking distance from your hotel.

Moreover, during the night, there are many bazaars and Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur for you to fill up your tummy. For those that want to experience Kuala Lumpur nightlife, many nightclubs and event space for rent KL are located here as well.

event space for rent kl

Enjoy to The Fullest

Nowadays, many popular staycations in KL offer a different kind of non-peak season promotion. Thus, you can spend less to enjoy more. A good five-star hotel must have quality. First of all, the parking lot must be spacious and filled with light. So that it could provide assurance and security to the guest.

Next, the lobby staff must deliver friendliness to the check-in guest. Apart from the usual welcome drinks, the luxury hotel also offers exceptional service. Such as a bellboy is handling all your luggage and belonging. Or service staff bringing you for a friendly and straightforward hotel tour.

A good check-in experience includes swiftly speed of checking in, hotel staff shouldn’t let their guest wait too long to get their room key card and providing hotel buffet dinner promotion.

event space kl

Once you enter your room, the five-star hotel will provide a personalized welcome message on TV. Or they shall be a simple greeting card that is put on a bed. These are all warm yet straightforward gestures the hotel could do to their guest.

Hotels are usually segmented into different parts by the standard of the room. Corner room often provides a better view and comfortable bedding. A standard room is also equipped with a comfy armchair or sofa with a coffee table. Not to forget writing table which allows working adults to get their work done comfortably.

Good Food Make Good Mood

A grand hotel has several signature restaurants with a choice of dining indoors or outdoor. The hotel spread serve any types of cuisine for customers to choose. For instance, a Japanese fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

Facilities and services are the factors that were affecting the price and customer choice as well. You won’t be able to find a spa at a budget hotel. However, if you like to indulge in a comfortable and quiet atmosphere releasing your stress out, do book a hotel that has spa facilities and pampers yourself with delectable traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Swimming pool now offers a panoramic view which allows many people to take beautiful pictures to upload to social media. Which also includes swimming with a better mood.

Which Hotel in Chiang Mai To Stay For Your Next Holiday Visit

Hotel to stay in Chiang Mai is also known as the “Rose of the North”, steeped in history and surrounded by ample of beautiful architecture. This beautiful place is founded over centuries ago, and it is the capital of the famous Lanna Kingdom.

chiang mai night bazaar hotel

Under the Sea

Whenever the word Thailand hits you, your mind is probably thinking about Songkran and find a relaxing place to stay in Chiang Mai. The festival happens every year, and people from worldwide thrive on having fun at this festival. Between the 13th to 14th of April, the year is the Thailand traditional new year celebration.

Yet, hotel Chiang Mai, the city of an exciting life, takes the celebration to the next level. As the ceremony can go on for another five to six-day. Did you know? Songkran has a religious meaning that the locals think that splashing and throwing water on each other will cleanse the sins inside the people.

accommodation chiang mai thailand

The locals and tourist often stand at the road with a bucket of water. And ready to soak every people that pass by. At the same time, locals will often visit temples and accommodation in Chiang Mai during the Songkran festival to pray and give food to the monks living there.

Bundle image of Buddha is paraded through busy streets during the Songkran festival with locals throwing water over them, which also aid in cleansing the sins at accommodation in Chiang Mai.

Another Kind of Massage

Massage is one of them to do list you want to cross when you visit a hotel near night market bazaar, thanks to the excellent skills of the massage professionals. However, did u know that you could get special kind of massage at Chiang Mai?

Located at the Chiang Mai woman correctional institution vocational training centre, you could get the staff that was prisoners to give you a massage.

best hotels to stay in chiang mai

Worry not as the massage staff are watched over all the time, and won’t be intrusive as you think. So why not give these ex-prisoners a chance for the opportunity once their prison life is over?

Nightlife at Every Corner

Chiang Mai is also famous for its exciting nightlife staycation. You could get whatever kind of entertainment and joy that you could think of and couldn’t think of a hotel near night market bazaar.

There are full of bars and clubs with prices being lower than another city, which mean it is worth to have your party done here. There are a lot of trendy bars that are frequently visited by both locals and tourists.

You can expect most of the bar here operate from night till early hours in the morning. In Chiang Mai, it is a norm to buy a bottle of spirit and have it with soda or coke serve with ice. Almost every bar sell vision by the glass bottle, and it is the most affordable way you can enjoy your evening drink.

Shopaholics Heaven for Both Day and Night

Chiang Mai is the heaven for shopaholics for a reason. As there is a massive Sunday market or also called a walking market. It runs along through the entire length of the Ratchadamnoen road.

There is a lot of stalls on the market selling handmade goods, and as you walk through the market, you will get to see handicrafts that are unusual that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

Few Buddhist temples are also dotted along the road, and they are usually open their forecourts to various food sellers who cook the food fresh in front of you when you are waiting. Moreover, between the stalls are a plethora of performance such as artist singing, dancing, or performing an act.

The Growth of Online Food Delivery in Singapore [2020]

In recent years, many people have switched to online food delivery because is convenient, cheaper and more choices. The highest demand for online delivery is by the corporate world market. These people experience ordering food online saves time which gives more time to rest during lunch hour. 

These days both men and women are working to feed the family. Therefore, this family group are experiencing a lack of time to cook after work. Food order online helps this family group to save time to do other stuff such as revising the kid’s homework, cleaning up the house and etc.

fast food restaurants in singapore

The benefits the customers are getting from this food delivery companies are frequent deals. Moreover, customers who first sign up with the food delivery company receives a discount on the first purchase. Customers are able to get food cheaper than usual and save on transportation cost which makes the recent growth of ordering food online.

One of the tip to get fresh food and faster delivery service is searching on the delivery food near me. This is because some fast food business has not adopted delivery services. However, food places in Klang Valley are rising to adopt such service as the food business is able to reach a wider range of audience. 

The Highest Demand Pizza From Customers

The top three best pizza flavour demand by customers are pepperoni, barbeque and Hawaiian chicken. Many customers enjoy the taste and texture of New York crust and thin crust. There is also the option of cheesy crust which the melted cheese is cooked under the crust.

There is one pizza that many customers would definitely order which is pepperoni flavour. The pepperoni pizza is laid with salami meat along with the creamy melted cheese toppings. The blend of these recipes makes pizza loved by many people.

fast food in singapore

Dine-In at Pizza Store 

Despite the advantages of ordering food online, some customers prefer to dine-in at the pizza restaurant. There are many pizza stores available because of Pizza companies dividing the stores into to dining in and delivery. Therefore, many Pizza companies have shrunk the stores because most of the customer are in delivery service. Customers are able to search for takeaway pizza near me to avoid paying the delivery cost.

When Dominos Pizza SG open the double concept of catering to two demand, it makes it profitable for the company. For instance, opening many stores to cater to people who look for a pizza restaurant near me and improve delivery service efficiency.

The Evolution of Pizza Delivery Service

In the past, customers would make a food order through the phone. However, Pizza companies needed to make a catchy advertisement of a phone number to ensure that the customer remembers it.  Moreover, many drive-thru concept restaurant frequently advertises the latest menu to customers. 

best fast food singapore

With the advancement of technology, customers are able to make online order pizza delivery. The benefits are that customers do not need to use up telecommunication cost to make an order. Moreover, Pizza companies are able to update a new menu on the site without a heavy cost.

Pizza Delivery Malaysia or Singapore are still high on demand as many customers finds the convenience of using the service. The benefits are that Pizza companies offer a fast delivery service to the customer to ensure the pizza is still hot and fresh. That is why many customers prefer to use Pizza home delivery service.