The Best 5 Start Hotel in Kula Lumpur For Weekend Getaway

The luxury hotel is for those customers who would like to have the best in the world for them. Before you jump to the world most magnificent hotel such as Dubai hotel, let’s have a look at hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Many best hotels in Malaysia are located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital city of Malaysia. Some luxurious hotel now is owned by famous shopping establishment, these hotels are usually built near the shopping mall to provide a wholesome experience to its guest.

For instance, there is a 13-floor hotel which is located near the Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. The shopping mall is position at the high end, and the vast mall is filled with an array of choices. For instances, shopping, dining and wedding hotel packages price.

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The Beauty of Kuala Lumpur

Guest who stays at these hotels gets to enjoy a shopping spree and hotel buffet in KL whenever they want as the hotel is only minutes of walking distance away from their stay.

The additional advantage of staying in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is that you can visit many tourist attractions with ease and enjoying wedding hotel packages Kuala Lumpur. For instance, the iconic Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower is just 10 minutes walking distance from your hotel.

Moreover, during the night, there are many bazaars and Chinese restaurant in Kuala Lumpur for you to fill up your tummy. For those that want to experience Kuala Lumpur nightlife, many nightclubs and event space for rent KL are located here as well.

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Enjoy to The Fullest

Nowadays, many popular staycations in KL offer a different kind of non-peak season promotion. Thus, you can spend less to enjoy more. A good five-star hotel must have quality. First of all, the parking lot must be spacious and filled with light. So that it could provide assurance and security to the guest.

Next, the lobby staff must deliver friendliness to the check-in guest. Apart from the usual welcome drinks, the luxury hotel also offers exceptional service. Such as a bellboy is handling all your luggage and belonging. Or service staff bringing you for a friendly and straightforward hotel tour.

A good check-in experience includes swiftly speed of checking in, hotel staff shouldn’t let their guest wait too long to get their room key card and providing hotel buffet dinner promotion.

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Once you enter your room, the five-star hotel will provide a personalized welcome message on TV. Or they shall be a simple greeting card that is put on a bed. These are all warm yet straightforward gestures the hotel could do to their guest.

Hotels are usually segmented into different parts by the standard of the room. Corner room often provides a better view and comfortable bedding. A standard room is also equipped with a comfy armchair or sofa with a coffee table. Not to forget writing table which allows working adults to get their work done comfortably.

Good Food Make Good Mood

A grand hotel has several signature restaurants with a choice of dining indoors or outdoor. The hotel spread serve any types of cuisine for customers to choose. For instance, a Japanese fine dining restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.

Facilities and services are the factors that were affecting the price and customer choice as well. You won’t be able to find a spa at a budget hotel. However, if you like to indulge in a comfortable and quiet atmosphere releasing your stress out, do book a hotel that has spa facilities and pampers yourself with delectable traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Swimming pool now offers a panoramic view which allows many people to take beautiful pictures to upload to social media. Which also includes swimming with a better mood.

Which Hotel in Chiang Mai To Stay For Your Next Holiday Visit

Hotel to stay in Chiang Mai is also known as the “Rose of the North”, steeped in history and surrounded by ample of beautiful architecture. This beautiful place is founded over centuries ago, and it is the capital of the famous Lanna Kingdom.

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Under the Sea

Whenever the word Thailand hits you, your mind is probably thinking about Songkran and find a relaxing place to stay in Chiang Mai. The festival happens every year, and people from worldwide thrive on having fun at this festival. Between the 13th to 14th of April, the year is the Thailand traditional new year celebration.

Yet, hotel Chiang Mai, the city of an exciting life, takes the celebration to the next level. As the ceremony can go on for another five to six-day. Did you know? Songkran has a religious meaning that the locals think that splashing and throwing water on each other will cleanse the sins inside the people.

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The locals and tourist often stand at the road with a bucket of water. And ready to soak every people that pass by. At the same time, locals will often visit temples and accommodation in Chiang Mai during the Songkran festival to pray and give food to the monks living there.

Bundle image of Buddha is paraded through busy streets during the Songkran festival with locals throwing water over them, which also aid in cleansing the sins at accommodation in Chiang Mai.

Another Kind of Massage

Massage is one of them to do list you want to cross when you visit a hotel near night market bazaar, thanks to the excellent skills of the massage professionals. However, did u know that you could get special kind of massage at Chiang Mai?

Located at the Chiang Mai woman correctional institution vocational training centre, you could get the staff that was prisoners to give you a massage.

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Worry not as the massage staff are watched over all the time, and won’t be intrusive as you think. So why not give these ex-prisoners a chance for the opportunity once their prison life is over?

Nightlife at Every Corner

Chiang Mai is also famous for its exciting nightlife staycation. You could get whatever kind of entertainment and joy that you could think of and couldn’t think of a hotel near night market bazaar.

There are full of bars and clubs with prices being lower than another city, which mean it is worth to have your party done here. There are a lot of trendy bars that are frequently visited by both locals and tourists.

You can expect most of the bar here operate from night till early hours in the morning. In Chiang Mai, it is a norm to buy a bottle of spirit and have it with soda or coke serve with ice. Almost every bar sell vision by the glass bottle, and it is the most affordable way you can enjoy your evening drink.

Shopaholics Heaven for Both Day and Night

Chiang Mai is the heaven for shopaholics for a reason. As there is a massive Sunday market or also called a walking market. It runs along through the entire length of the Ratchadamnoen road.

There is a lot of stalls on the market selling handmade goods, and as you walk through the market, you will get to see handicrafts that are unusual that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

Few Buddhist temples are also dotted along the road, and they are usually open their forecourts to various food sellers who cook the food fresh in front of you when you are waiting. Moreover, between the stalls are a plethora of performance such as artist singing, dancing, or performing an act.