What to Include in the Happy Hour Promotion in KL?

One of the best ways to increase sales in your restaurant during the slow hours is by using the happy hour promotion. However, you need to understand that everyone is running these promotions. Therefore, you cannot do things in the same way and expect different results.

With such a high competition during the happy hours, it calls for a high level of creativity to win more customers. You still need to make profits even if you are offering discounted food, affordable drinks, and enjoy the cheapest beer in KL. Some of the ideas that you can implement include;

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Create Theme Nights

Diners love a good and catchy theme for the evening outing. It will motivate them to share the happy hour promotion experience on social media. It is one of the most effective ways to market the happy hour of your restaurant as well as a bonding session with drinks. You may host the “Tiki Tuesday with the tropical drinks or even a ‘Winesday’ special on the Wednesdays. It is a natural progression for a themed nights cafe every evening.

Host a Special Pop-Up Event

There is an increase in the number of pop-up weekends nowadays. During the happy hour KL, restaurants do creative things to create a special happy hour appetizer or menu. You can have a local chef making an authentic Italian delicacy for the guests. You can also have the people who do desserts in the restaurant to host a tasting or offer a demo. It is an idea that can work so well for an Italian restaurant in KL.

Host a Competition or Contest

There is a way you can combine a happy hour with some friendly competitions. A nice café in KL can host darts contests or a trivia event during the happy hour. When you add an activity to the whole mix, you will engage people for a long period and this will encourage them to place more orders and increase your sales. It will enhance the customer experience and diners will associate your restaurant with creativity and fun.

Make it an Outing

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You may find an Italian restaurant near KLCC offering a one-hour yoga class before they open up the happy hour. The restaurant will begin to offer cheap food immediately after the session. When you pair an activity with the happy hour, there is a lot of inspiration that diners draw from it. Enjoying the happy hour after engaging in an activity is a great way to start off the session.

Offer Mystery Incentives

For the best happy hour Kuala Lumpur, the restaurant can choose a name like ‘Melissa’ or Charlie. If this is your name, you will get a free drink. You will wait until the set hour to know who is the happy one and a machine can even be used to choose the lucky name of the day. Such a mystery will really add the element of fun and adventure to a happy hour.

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Have a Guest Bartender

Having a guest bartender is our last tip for having the best buy Malaysia happy hour. It is a simple but effective way to promote your restaurant. You can get celebrity bartenders to host bar or assist your staff during the happy hour promotion.

It can even be a single night affair at your establishment. It is a fun way to mix up things and even engage with the local community. It also adds a high level of innovation to the happy hours that will bring in so many people.