Many west Malaysian might not know that the eastern Malaysian beaches are simply amazing. Here are the reasons, why you shall travel to Pulau Mantanani for the next vacation. Firstly, the beach has so much to offer such as the clear blue water and white sandy beach. Secondly, there so much beach activity one is able to enjoy with family and friends when having a vacation in Pulau Mantanani.

what to do in kota kinabalu

Things to Do On the Island

Pulau Manatanani Kota Belud of Sabah state in Malaysia is one of the nicest beaches to go. The island is located about 55 minutes away from the mainland of Sabah. However, the only transportation to the island is by sitting on the speedboat or a jetty. This allows an individual to completely experience the island life.

It is recommended that an individual shall do some research on Pulau Mantanani Kota Belud so that a person would not miss out on the fun activities. There are some blogs that a tourist have experience when vacationing on the island.

things to do in kota kinabalu

One of the most recommended activities to do on Mantanani Island is snorkelling. That is because of the crystal clear water one is able to see the marine life. When under the water, an individual is able to see beautiful colourful fishes along with the live corals.

There are several Mantanani island package offered such as 2 days 1 night or 3 days 1-night packages. This really depends on a person to take on which package. Some people prefer the 2 days 1-night package because able to spend another day relaxing on the beach.

However, some business offer Mantanani island package that is selectable hence does some research to see which package fits you the most. Some people prefer more activities than food and beverage. Therefore, it really depends on a person’s needs and requirement.

Accommodation to Stay In Manatanani Island

The place a tourist shall stay is in the top-rated Sabah island resort because one is able to use many facilities such as gym, swimming pool, courts and many more. This allows a person to have a relaxing and memorable vacation. Do try out the food served such as the fresh-caught seafood.

The Mantanani resort rooms are simply amazing because it gives a person nice and cosy stay. The guest is able to enjoy the cool beach breeze while hearing the sound of the waves hitting the shores. 

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Things to Do In Kota Kinabalu

Other than visiting Mantanani Island, one shall travel around Kota Kinabalu. The most famous activity to do is climbing Mount Kinabalu where it is about 13 000 feet above the sea level. Many people who climb the mountain said a person is able to enjoy the beautiful view up there. Mount Kinabalu is must things to do in KK.

Many people who had travelled in Kota Kinabalu had given a review on the things to do in KK. If you are a shopper do visit the handicraft market to buy local souvenirs.  Check out the Chinatown and stop by to have some local coffee shops. However, some tourist enjoys the best island activity in Kota Kinabalu because of the crystal clear water.

There are so many other types of Best Island in Kota Kinabalu an individual must go. The place has so much to offer other than the white sandy beach. Do visit the oldest train track while in Sabah.