In recent years, many people have switched to online food delivery because is convenient, cheaper and more choices. The highest demand for online delivery is by the corporate world market. These people experience ordering food online saves time which gives more time to rest during lunch hour. 

These days both men and women are working to feed the family. Therefore, this family group are experiencing a lack of time to cook after work. Food order online helps this family group to save time to do other stuff such as revising the kid’s homework, cleaning up the house and etc.

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The benefits the customers are getting from this food delivery companies are frequent deals. Moreover, customers who first sign up with the food delivery company receives a discount on the first purchase. Customers are able to get food cheaper than usual and save on transportation cost which makes the recent growth of ordering food online.

One of the tip to get fresh food and faster delivery service is searching on the delivery food near me. This is because some fast food business has not adopted delivery services. However, food places in Klang Valley are rising to adopt such service as the food business is able to reach a wider range of audience. 

The Highest Demand Pizza From Customers

The top three best pizza flavour demand by customers are pepperoni, barbeque and Hawaiian chicken. Many customers enjoy the taste and texture of New York crust and thin crust. There is also the option of cheesy crust which the melted cheese is cooked under the crust.

There is one pizza that many customers would definitely order which is pepperoni flavour. The pepperoni pizza is laid with salami meat along with the creamy melted cheese toppings. The blend of these recipes makes pizza loved by many people.

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Dine-In at Pizza Store 

Despite the advantages of ordering food online, some customers prefer to dine-in at the pizza restaurant. There are many pizza stores available because of Pizza companies dividing the stores into to dining in and delivery. Therefore, many Pizza companies have shrunk the stores because most of the customer are in delivery service. Customers are able to search for takeaway pizza near me to avoid paying the delivery cost.

When Dominos Pizza SG open the double concept of catering to two demand, it makes it profitable for the company. For instance, opening many stores to cater to people who look for a pizza restaurant near me and improve delivery service efficiency.

The Evolution of Pizza Delivery Service

In the past, customers would make a food order through the phone. However, Pizza companies needed to make a catchy advertisement of a phone number to ensure that the customer remembers it.  Moreover, many drive-thru concept restaurant frequently advertises the latest menu to customers. 

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With the advancement of technology, customers are able to make online order pizza delivery. The benefits are that customers do not need to use up telecommunication cost to make an order. Moreover, Pizza companies are able to update a new menu on the site without a heavy cost.

Pizza Delivery Malaysia or Singapore are still high on demand as many customers finds the convenience of using the service. The benefits are that Pizza companies offer a fast delivery service to the customer to ensure the pizza is still hot and fresh. That is why many customers prefer to use Pizza home delivery service.