In this globalization world, a lot of people are more flight-savvy than before. Thanks to the highly competitive within the airline industry today, a lot of people are able to get a cheaper flight fare to travel to dreamland.

Because of more and more people able to afford a comfortable and convenient journey at a more affordable price, the demand towards the hotel also is increasing. But choosing the right hotel for a trip has never been easy.

There are many things you have to consider before you book a Bangkok hotel. The things you should need to consider could be the price, location, accessibility or the environment of the hotel.

bangkok hotels

Some people think they booked a perfect hotel for their trip, but eventually, it was not, and it becomes a terrible dream for their whole trip experience. So, to avoid that, here are something you should do before that happen to you.

Location of hotel

In the past, one of the thing you might hear many times maybe the complaint from people about the problem of less accessibility of the hotel they stay in. A bad located hotel where it almost needs you to travel a very far distance until you reach the famous attraction of Bangkok could be very mean to you.

Stay in a hotel that far from the centre of the city will cause you a lot of hard feeling about your trip. In the end, you maybe end up spending too much time on travel from one place to another place and then waste the chance to get to the place you had planned.

bangkok hotel near bts station

So, to avoid these things happen to you, you can try to check the location of the hotel before you book it. Do some research about what is surrounding the hotel. Is there any public transport is nearby the hotel you are looking?

One of the most recommended ways is you can try to book hotels near BTS Bangkok. In Bangkok, there are a lot of famous attractions are accessible by taking the Skytrain in Bangkok. So, finding hotels near Skytrain Bangkok is the ideal way to solve your problem.

Hotel Type

To identify the hotel type you stay in could be a very important factor you should consider, especially when you travel to Thailand. If you are travelling together with your family, then this surely will be something you have to consider.

Contrary to many other Asian countries, Thailand is a country popular with gay culture. The gay scene of this country usually can be seen in some of its well-known destination, such as Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai. It is not weird that you will find the gay-friendly hotel is available at every single corner in Bangkok. So, if your kids and your wife will accompany you for this trip, then you have to check the hotel you booked in ahead of time before you make the booking.

hotels near skytrain bangkok

Size of the hotel room

Another thing that you will always hear probably is the complaint about the size of the hotel room. The size of the hotel room has a very significant impact on your travel experience. When you are staying in a hotel, the place supposed should be comfortable, especially when you are staying together with your family.

The comfortability of a place where you will stay during your whole trip should be the priority as well. No matter is a new luxury boutique hotel or just a 4-star hotel; it should be comfortable for staying in, if it is not comfortable, then it should not be considered as a hotel.

Facility & amenity

It could be a huge problem if you find out that some facilities and services that do not exist in the hotel you stay in.  Some of the times, the shortcoming will not mention on the hotel booking sites, you need to do further research!

For example, you may find out that some hotels do not have their own build-in restaurant, or they do not provide the breakfast buffet, you probably need to travel outside and getting your breakfast in any breakfast buffet restaurant.